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Reviving Old Traditions with Shelby and John

It's no secret that I love non-traditional weddings. So, why write a blog post about a traditional wedding?

Hint: it's not what you're thinking.

Back in the day, weddings were fairly simple. No rings, no crazy expensive white dresses. Just a party with your friends and family. John and Shelby went for this vibe at The Hattery at the Doylestown Inn, and boy, did they have a great time!

All photos by Mike Morby of Morby Photography.

So many parts of this wedding made me look for the onions nearby (there's no way I could be crying after so many weddings...right?). I won't lie, I am so excited for the video from this wedding, but I couldn't resist writing about this one before I got it.

The gorgeous bride and groom in front of Fonthill Castle.

There was one particular moment where I was not the only one looking for the onions. John approached Melissa, the venue coordinator for the Hattery (and my partner in crime for this wedding), a few weeks prior to the wedding. He wanted to surprise Shelby just after the cake cutting, in front of all of their friends and family.

A little background on this surprise: Shelby is a huge fan of the movie Up. When I say HUGE fan, I mean ab-so-lutely crazy about it. For those unfamiliar, there's a particular scene where the old gentleman looks through the photo album of his life with his (deceased) wife. Ten minutes and they did a better love story than Twilight. The second background fact is that Shelby believed that there were no photos of their engagement.

After the cake cutting, Melissa and I snuck up to the groom with her gift. He handed it to Shelby, so she could unwrap the photo album of their engagement photos! John had had one of his groomsmen climb into a nearby tree in camouflage to capture the engagement on film and they managed to keep this a secret for a year and a half.

Of course, Shelby absolutely lost it (who wouldn't?). It was a particularly sweet moment, and I know John set the bar high for the rest of his groomsmen's weddings!

John celebrating winning the "best new husband" award.

On our end, it was smooth sailing. We were lucky to work with some great vendors, including Mike Morby, Willow & Thistle, Silver Sound DJs, and Patrick Floriesco. Greenery, white, and red ruled the decoration day, along with a good number of candles.

A big thanks to all of the vendors, Melissa and her team at the Hattery, and a superb team of United Moms (Mary, Stacy, and Jeri) for making the day such a success!

And now, more pictures!

These gals were just the sweetest crew of ladies.

The first dance...

...and the "second" dance.

That's it for today, Wed-O-Sphere! Happy Engagement Season!


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