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Katie & Jose's Multi-Cultural Wedding

All photos by Viva Love Photo.

Back in September, the weather was quite the challenge! First it was freezing, and then the week of Katie and Jose's wedding, Hurricane Irma threatened to cut off our access to greenery shipment. (Side note: Our thoughts are with those affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. There are many relief organizations helping, but many people are still without power and clean water. Please consider donating here to help those affected).

Thankfully, all we had to contend with the day of the wedding was humidity. Thanks to Duette Designs, the ladies' hair didn't budge.

I have to say, this wedding was so much fun to do! Jose and Katie are the liveliest people, and their love for each other is poetic. They wrote their own vows, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Including Jose, but as Katie later told me, "of course,[his] tears came down away from the crowd."

What made their ceremony unique (aside from their vows) was that they decided to do a Celtic hand-fasting, a Mexican lasso ceremony, and broke a glass according to Jewish tradition. You can see the lasso, above, and the hand-fasting below.

A lasso ceremony involves looping a lasso rosary around the couple in what becomes an infinity symbol. It's a symbol of the couple's unity, as well as the support of their families. It's popular in Hispanic cultures. That being said, it's being adopted by American couples because the significance is lovely.

And now, bonus picture of one of the cutest flower girls ever:

Behind the scenes, we had a blast making it happen. Willow & Thistle did a lovely job with the florals, and Terrain's gorgeous venue was perfect for the couple.

Katie's a musician and a writer, so their guest book was made of old records. They're now hanging on the walls of her music studio, which I thought was a perfect way to re-utilize a part of the wedding.

Now as most of you know, I'm a huge geek/nerd/whatever the kids are calling it these days. Two nights before the wedding, we were finishing up a project using silver-printed paper to hold rose petals. As we worked, I realized that my hands were completely coated in silver. It was a bit late, but our group text was going strong, so I made a comment about how the wedding was turning us into Cybermen.

The groom's response: "If the Doctor shows up at the wedding, sorry honey, I'm leaving!"

Having someone understand my dorky jokes is always a good day in my job.

You can guess who's idea this was.

The bride was a whole lot of fun, too. The music kept going all night thanks to the four hours of music they sent to Scratch Weddings's DJ Cool Out, and they ended the night with an 11:10 PM rendition of the hora. All escaped unscathed (this seems to be a theme of my weddings this past fall, now that I think about it)!

And now, more pictures without my ramblings!

That's it for today, Wed-O-Sphere! Until next time,


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