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A Korean-Mexican Celebration at the Mutter Museum

All photos are courtesy of Joe Dantone Photography.

When Kathryn, Daniel, and I first met in a coffee shop in Center City, I had no idea how much fun I was in for. As they told me about their families, their wedding, and each other, I started to seriously hope they'd pick me. Through moves, and distance, they'd kept their relationship solid. Also, bonus: I'd finally get to work in the Mutter Museum! I was deeply honored when they picked us.

We started the day with notes that Daniel and Kathryn wrote for each other (I just love this, it's adorable).

Look at that gorgeous robe, too!

Despite the heat, we kept on with the plan for photos in Rittenhouse Park.

You'd never know, from the photos!

Kathryn and Daniel did their first look in Rittenhouse Park, and then walked over to the restaurant where they had their first date.

How cute are they?!

Afterward, it was off to the ceremony. It was a beautiful crowd- some of Kathryn's family was wearing colorful hanboks in the Korean tradition. The mothers lit candles together during the ceremony, to symbolize the families' commitment to the marriage.

My favorite part was the mariachi band. Not just because it brings back childhood memories of summers in Texas, but because it was a complete surprise!

Daniel had hired the band without anyone's knowledge but Kathryn's. A month or so before the wedding, he looped me in on the plan. To succeed, we couldn't let anyone see the band coming in. So I led the band up the back entrance, and after cocktail hour, they swept down the stairs, playing, singing, and dancing. Kathryn and Daniel's smiles made my day.

And now that I've gushed over them, here's more pictures!

Vendor Magic:

Mariachi Band: El Mariachi Flores

Photobooth: Philly Snap Booth

Dress: Handmade by the groom's sister

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