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Believing in Magic

I work in an industry rife with superstitions. Don't use your married name before the wedding! A spider on your dress is good luck! Stick a large coin in your shoe!

On a personal level, I am superstitious. They don't normally hurt anyone, and even if they don't actually work, it lends to positive thinking and beliefs. Magic is a part of our world, whether it's a state of mind, or you're a huge Harry Potter fan. Last Saturday was a testament to magic, or fate.

Saturday, we went out with our friends Tom and Jennifer from Tree of Life Photo & Video. We're cooking up something fun (and gorgeous), so we needed to get the lay of the land. We hiked in, climbed the waterfall, and the forest that stretched out in front of us made the outside world disappear. It was as if we'd stepped outside of the bubble of the human world and into a fable.

After ambling our way back down (during which time David and I climbed out on the rocks to see how close we could get to the waterfall), we were taking a few photos to determine our set location. I was staring off at the pretty, pretty waterfall, when...

I felt a smack on my leg. I turned to (loudly) demand what exactly my husband was thinking, until he pointed past him at this scene unfolding:

I haven't been a witness to a proposal before, and so I reacted in the only way I could think of: backpedal and get out of their space! Luckily, Jennifer is both the photographer and has better instincts. She flipped up her camera like the secret agent she is and started snapping away.

As Jennifer was capturing this sweet moment, we noticed another photographer approaching from the parking lot, shooting away. We panicked, thinking that we'd blocked the shot of the couple's photographer. Luckily for all, he was not (although it was awesome that ANOTHER wedding photographer was there). We established that none of us were there by design- we were there by happy accident. Crisis averted!

After a few minutes of the whole crowd of us watching (it wasn't as creepy as it sounds, I swear), we stepped in to let them know that they had their own personal bridal expo delivered straight to their proposal.

Her face when she found out it had all been caught on film.

When we got a little of their story, it felt like something in the universe had brought us there at the right time. Eric, the handsome young man above, had picked (location redacted) as a beautiful backdrop for the proposal. However, when it came to finding a photographer willing to travel that distance, he couldn't. He even had a drone to get a video of the proposal, but he'd forgotten (he had more important things on his mind!).

Have to get a pic of the shiny. Loving this solitaire look!

Samantha, his now fiancée, was riding cloud nine as we explained who we were and that no, we were not stalking them, and that no I absolutely was not crying, there was just a lot of dust in the air.

It was an incredible human experience to get to be a small part of this special day for them. I can't wait to see what they do in the future, but for now, here's some beautiful photos of a kind, fun, and good-lookin' couple!

Until next time, Wed-O-Sphere!


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